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Originally posted by New Orleans Roller@Jan 5 2004, 07:58 PM
kicker.. i am an installer and i deal w/ JL and ALpine.. and the alpine subs do NOT impress me at all.. although they look better (silver cone) they sound like pooh..
Im sorry but if the Type R's sound like "pooh" after you install them then its your fault, or its a defective sub, or you are trying to get the sub to work beyond its limits.

The Type R plays decently loud and has a good SQ. Sure there is always better out there. . . but for a budget sub (120.00 each) They are a steal. People win SQ competitions all over the country all the time with them subs. This could not be done if it sounded like "pooh". If you are trying to build an SPL system then you are using the wrong sub and as an installer, it should be common knowledge.

But personally i would consider a Shiva or Elemental Designs K Series over Kicker, Low end JL, or Alpine.
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