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Help identify Pump Head #?

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I have a generic reds street pumphead thats a number 8 and another pump head that is appox. a quarter inch shorter in length (during side to side comparison).

The center part of the pumphead in question is smaller then that of the number 8 pumphead. So basically I need to find out what size the pump head is? (Sorry for no pictures but its kinda a hydro emergency)

***Extra info both pumpheads are the same make (Super pump?)
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I will get some exact measurements and possibly some pics later on...

I would take an educated guess that it's more than likely a #6..

Assuming that they are fenner style pumpheads...
Yeah if you have a #8 and the head in question is smaller MORE THAN LIKLEY It is a #6. To be honest 6's & 8's are all Reds used to put in pumps.
I just got 2 marzocchi and the #'s are 1s5as/p167
what # pump head is that
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