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help me choose air compressor

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my research tells me i can get away with something along the lines of a
30 gal, 12 cfm, 5 hp? i dont really want to spend more than 600 bucks.
the compressor is just for me to spray my own cars, nothing professionaly..

but when i do a search i cant find anything really along those lines.

help me out homies :cool: :cool:
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Originally posted by BlueBerry@Dec 24 2008, 07:02 AM~12514551
It is possible to get "AWAY" with a 30 gal but,,,,,,, Do yourself a favor & go spend $450 for a Husky 100% duty cast iron compressor with a 6.5Hp moror at Home depot ............. you cant beat the lifetime warrantee if ti fails
I put my old one thru hell & its still going strong - Just be sure to use good oil in it & keep the filter clean!!!!!!!
how loud is it? i live in a tight residental area .. and have been wanting a compressor and some accessories for it .. sand blaster paint guns air tools
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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