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help me choose air compressor

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my research tells me i can get away with something along the lines of a
30 gal, 12 cfm, 5 hp? i dont really want to spend more than 600 bucks.
the compressor is just for me to spray my own cars, nothing professionaly..

but when i do a search i cant find anything really along those lines.

help me out homies :cool: :cool:
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if u are not going to spend some money on a good compresser then dont waste your time. if they are not belt driven then they suck ass. it doest matter which one you get they are all loud for home use. you need to make sure the compresser you get can refill the tank fast i think its called cfm not sure but the higher the cfm the better you can run air tools with out stoping for the tank to get refilled.
rember its how fast the comperssor can fill the tank not necessarly the size of the dam tank
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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