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Originally posted by lyinlow@Aug 7 2005, 07:27 PM~3557833
k i got a couple questions..  i have a 2 pump 4 dump setup on my ranger heres the problem. when i lock the rear up the front lifts even.. if i dump the rear a bit the drivers front drops quicker .. ive changed the check valves, ive changed the dump seals. and ive swapped accumulators from one to the other so im not sure what the problem is here.. could it be that the rear lines arent the same length?im at a loss here as to why its doing it.. i really wanna get this solved so i can be cruising and be able to adjust the front evenly...
also what should my accumulators be charged at for use in a minitruck? i have the regulator and nitrogen bottle at work  all i need is the fitting and i can fill them myself. its a 86 ranger std cab long box with a 302  in it....

whats the correct procedure for recharging the accumulators so i dont hurt them? is it the same a a nitrogen  cylinder?
thanks in advance!
I don't get that part, do you have one pump for the front and one for the back? Sounds like you have one for each side :dunno:
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