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hey guys/girls i was just woundering i have a dropped 1500 ( 6 inch in bacl 4 in front) and i was just woundering ,does anyone out there know where i can get a Rmote controlled hyds. so i can like hit them in like in a praking lot ,any and all respone will be greatly app. if anyone wnats a pic of the truck just give me ur email ,thanks y'all

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now what are the chance of messing up me chassia ,or would it be putting out that much "bounce"? haha sorry man kinda new to the hyds' ,thanks again

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i thought of it BUT wouldn't do it...........

here's why

you are in a bulding or across a long parking start hitting your buttons the car starts moving.....all at once the car scratch your head and think WTF????

then all of a sudden you see some smoke coming form the back of your ride........OH MY GOD FIRE!!!!!

you run to the back and try to pop the trunk and catch the stuck solenoid...........too late you finally get the trunk open and see your whole setup engulfed in flames.............

good luck though if you decide to do it..........

it would be VERY easy to get stuck solenoids using the remote's just like trying to hop without switch extensions...........

although you could do this if you have a pressure relief valve.......hmmmmmmmmmm....

anywayz good luck :biggrin:
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