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I have 2 Kicker 10's...and a old piece of shit Legacy 400W amp...

Everytime I turn my volume up to 28 or 30...Protection comes on..the about 10 seconds cd player cuts off...

I tried switching the speaker wires around to see if that was the problem...but it still does it...

Could this be a battery problem??

Help Me Out Someone!??!

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the protection will come on if the batt volts drops below 10-11 volts
or if something is grounding out or it is getting interference ...

as for the amp you may pushing it too hard at the higher volume. are your gains turn up really high???
what ohm is the subs wired to?
check the batt and charging system it might not be able to keep up with the stereo.

un hook the amp from the cd player and then turn it up if it still cuts out then there is a problem with the cd payer or its power supply

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I figured out what it was my was almost dead...and now it will stay on past 28... :cool:
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