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changing frames on my 63 does anyone have suggestions on the proper order to do this to make it easy as possible. thanks.
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Take both bumpers off.

Disconnect the fuel line and the ground wire for the sending unit at the gas tank.

Disconnect the ground straps at the firewall body mount (if they are still there).

Disconnect the lower steering shaft.

Disconnect the wiring harnesses at the engine and firewall.

Disconnect the brake lines at the master cylinder.

Disconnect the battery cables if the battery is still in.

You can either take the entire front clip off before lifting the body or leave it on depending on what your plans are with the car...., but if you decide to leave it on, youre gonna have to disconnect the radiator hoses and take the fan or the fan shroud off so it will clear.

Unbolt all of the body mounts from the frame.

And if you leave the interior in its best not to open your doors while the body is off the frame unless its supported in the middle under the rockers.
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thanks man
No problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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