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ok ive been a vocational auto student since i was 17 and have been working on cars since than to, ..... but ive never worked on installed or even really seen the inside of a cd changer i just bought a 96 camry wit an aftermarket cd changer from my uncle he didnt say shit bout it but i noticed the small remote hooked to a wire pertruding from under the console and the first thing i notice on it is the words "track 1" and suddenly heard a buzzing sound comming from my trunk, i knew what that was and immediatly (in my exitement seeing how as ive never even owed a car build after the 90s let alone one wit cd player already n it) grabed my favorite cd and opened the small door on the cd change immediatly i notice it was strangly empty cept for this small slot to the left inside that seemed to have a motor under it and would move up and down every time i pressed eject so i put 2 and 2 together and shoved the cd n the slot, weirdly enough it wont register that theres even a cd n there, what should be n the casing of a cd changer i would think thered be at least sumthin to hold the 6 cds rather than expecting that small lil slot to catch it its self, can ne one post up pix of the inside of there cd changers n/e brand is ok
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