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Highs and tweeters

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Whats good man, liek i said before im not too car savy, i dont know much about alot shit when it coems to cars which is kinda embarassing. But anyway, I just got a car stereo for my 98 crown vic, and i wanted to start fixing her up, so i was thinking about starting with the inside. I need help though, what, specificly, are highs? I know they are smaller speakers, like the 6x9's, but if i do get the 6x9's and tweeters, will the scream like highs are supposed to? and also do i need an amp for my highs, i need ya'll help man, lol im supposed to go get these on the 1st man, cant go make an ass out myself so ya'll help will be greatly appreciated, thanks
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an amp will make it sound better with the adjustments and crossovers, but you gotta get some descent quality components or really good coaxles to make it really scream and sound good
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