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Holley Carb Polished 600CFM

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Hey guys figured id post this up here because at this time I have no use for this carb its brand new in the box still. I payed $370.00 new for it im looking to at least get $300.00 for it + shipping. Just want to throw this out there maybe someone is looking for a nice polished out carb also have a nice Air Gap intake brand new for $200.00 Aluminum. Im looking to sell both so some give me some feedback. Was building up my 327cid motor I also have tons of parts from that like Aluminum pulleys etc. I also have another Aluminum intake 4-Sale from Weiand for $100.00 so someone let me know.

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youve got motor parts homie.
Yeah i got some Aluminum pulleys with Aluminum small block 350 alt bracket with bolts arms and everything man. Ill take 125.00 for the top and bottom pulley with aluminum alt bracket plus shipping.

Also got that Weiand intake for 100.00

I got alot of shit man what you need?

Originally posted by Foompla@Sep 5 2005, 10:02 AM~3755213
youve got motor parts homie.
Come on guys just trying to make some $$$ to get some more stuff on my bike done all this stuff is like new except for the Weiand intake.
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