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Originally posted by tical killa beez@Aug 9 2005, 08:31 AM~3569442
every car i've had i just smashed the stock radios up but i want to remove this one without breaking it... theres no holes for a tool and i dont wanna pay 25 bucks to have it taken out professionally
Hey, if you want help you should probably say what model and year car you have.

edit: didn't see the 95 blazer subtitle

Remove 4-5 7mm bolts from the underdash cover
Remove 4-5 7mm bolts from the knee bolster
Remove 4 nuts I think they're 10mm from the thing holding the steering column up and drop the steering wheel
Remove 2 7mm bolts above the gauges and then the whole dash surround should come off. If you've got a passenger airbag thing, leave it plugged in but pop the plastic thing out of the surround. Unplug the light switch.
Remove the 7mm bolts holding the radio in the dash
break out the little vertical plastic thing with the hole in the middle that was behind the factory radio.

Reverse process to install. If you don't drop the steering column and you're not experienced at it, you're HIGHLY likely to break the hazard switch. That switch costs $250+labor to replace. If the switch doesn't break but the plunger does, that's still $60+labor tot replace. Drop the friggin column.
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