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How much flake do I need?

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About to re-paint my cutty and planning on a full flakejob so I wonder how much I´ll need?

Also want some opinions on the base. Silver, black or close to the flake (probably apple red)

And as you can see there´s plenty of coats on it now so I wonder how much I need to sand down when I prep it.

All advice appreciated!

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Originally posted by Marquez@Jan 7 2009, 05:30 AM~12630417
I´ll probably go with .008 and pretty good coverage.

The reason I wanna how much is that I will order the flake from the u.s so I really don´t wanna run out and wait a couple of weeks til I get some more.

I normally don't shoot more than one big jar of HOK flake on a car. So I would say you can't go wrong with 2 jar's. I stick to regular and mini flake. It doesn't get the "pepper" effect.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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