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how much would it cost and what would i need to bag my 98 4 door jimmy. i would just want it to move around , side to side front and bak. i dont have alot of space in my trunk cuz i have a system so dont tell me no big ass tanks. i only have maybe 12"s of space from the door to the box. if i were to get them i would want to dump quik and raise up quiker.

hey man just go to and and go to classifieds and buy the kit that is a fbi kit they are on there for a thousand bucks u can't beat that u get slam bags 1/2 vlaves everything u need to install u just need a installer i paid 1550 for my exact bag kit fromfbi and u can hop the front with this just get a 175 psi pressure switch man the blitzluft valves are wicked fast u won't be sorry for buying this kit holl back with any questions or pm me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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