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How would this work for notching my frame?

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I cut out the rear of my cutlass and was going to make my own notch, but saw this one and was wondering if it would be good or not.

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what size wheel are you running to need that much room for your axle?!!?!

anywayz, a pic does us no good. is that box or c channel? how thick are the walls?

I have no size comparasson but they dont look like they level back out enough to flow smoothly into the rest of the frame...
I changed my mind I am building a custom notch. That notch is 2x4x.120. and I doubt it would work because I want to be able to lay my cutlass out on 24's but cruise on 22's.
if your going to use a notch of that style you will want to put the frame in a jig for best results

otherwise use a 4 peice set up
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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