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Lowriders United, in St. Louis, MO are organizing a "Ride-a-Thon" for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Sunday, September 4th. We're meeting at Larimore Park between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Then we're going to ride to Nelly's Fo-Sho Foundation and Derty Ent (located at Page and I-170 - 1835 Beltway Drive), where he has organized a clothing drive for the victims. We're going to get as much money together as possible amongst us and purchase clothing and toiletries. As many of you now, many families have moved to St. Louis from New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast, so the need is right here in our city.

Show your love and represent our city to the fullest. Help us tomorrow at the Hurricane Katrina Ride-A-Thon!!

We will also be recruiting as many people as possible while in route to Derty Ent for the sake of giving.
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