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Hydros on a vette?

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Hello, im a noob to this site, but definately not a noob to juice. Ive had 3 cars so far with basic old school Fenner setups, nothing wild.. just old GM cars with typical A-Arms and one Euro car with strut hydraulics I made out of a set of Red's #8's cylanders that I welded to stock strut shells. So fabbing stuff up by me isnt out of the question.

My current project is putting two pro hopper pumps on a 86 corvette for just front / back....nothing too fancy or extreme.

My question is, has anyone done any projects with similar type of suspensions such as a corvette? Any links, or information would be great. Will I have to get some speciality cylanders, or will the ones in my kit work ? Im not sure on that myself right now, but I got the kit at a pretty good price and was hard to turn I have a new big project now :biggrin:

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I gues your talkin bout tha rear but Ive seen it dun befor so it cant be that hard
Well, im interested in both front and back. But what bothers me is that there is no coil overs to place the cylander in, its just two A-ARM looking supports with a shock mounted in the middle. I know there are hydraulic cylandars that are specifically designed to be bolted on at both ends, I was just seeing if I could still get away with the #8 cylanders I already have. It would really suck if I had to get new cylanders...but I know thats the cost sometimes.

Perhaps I should take a couple of pics of the suspension and post it, i'll get to that as soon as its light outside.
Ok, here are some pics of my suspension in the front. Tell me your ideas on how to get my cylanders on.

and here is a pic of the car :

any suggestions would be appreciated

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just like this would be the easyest way ;)


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Just what I was looking for!

Kickass forum you all got here!

Now I just need to fab up a top mount, so the cylander can free float around while in motion. I was figuring it was close to that design as posted, but wanted to make sure.

One thing I do need is a source for material for the bottom of the cylander mount to the lower a-arm. I forget what kind of joint, I use, its called a hime joint, right? Im rusty on my hydro lingo :(

Where can I order some of those?

Thanks again!
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yes either a hime joint or a power ball....but a power ball would allow the cylinder to move around in the front probly best to use a hime joint
also you can get them from showtime, prohopper, cce..they all carry them
Thanks for the info. Im really exicted about putting these on my ride. It feels like the first time all over again. This time, no hopping... just clowning.
dude just measure up the cylinder shaft 5/8'' drill a 1/2'' hole through it and mount it like a clevis . why spend the extra money . you dont have too! ;)


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wont that destroy the bolt since its not on a load bearing or bushing? Id imagine it would eat up the shaft from the inside out without a bearing.
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