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hydros on the front of my truck

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hey yall, love the site and i finally decided i want to put hydros on the front of my truck (93" nissan x cab) cant find any places that shows some steps to putting on hydros on the front, or how hard it is, but i herd its not to hard to put on in the front.
this one looked good, and id buy it if i know i could put it on and not fuck it up u know lol, so thanks for the help yall! :cool:
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its not that hard to do on a torsion bar truck,, ive got a coilover setup on the front of my mazda, 1 pump with side to side dumps. I would recommend getting some mini coils and cutting them down to about 3 or 4 turns to use on the coilover. oh yeah, the kit that you linked to is a front only kit, but the picture is a front/back side to side setup, so dont expect to get all the stuff in the picture. If you need pics of the coilover on my truck, or any help or suggestions, PM me and ill email the pics.
good luck
just updated my sig,, click on it to see my coilover,, if you need bigger pics,, ill email them to ya.
hey man thanks for replying! yea its a torisson bar set up, i was just going to put them on the front for now, the pics helped alot tahnks for emailing me too man, hope we can talk some mroe about it :cheesy:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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