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I found a forum that had unhappy Brahma buyers

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this was about two months ago, I was lookung up some info. on Brahmas, and I found a websight were alotta pepl posted topics because pissed they got rippped off by Brahma, this is no joke. They said they had to return there subs atleast three times until they actually got one that worked properly, The people were also saying how they were upset that they were sending out refurbished speakers, Sounds pretty shitty huh. Then I went to go look at the forum the next day and it was shut down, I wonder why. I just thought I would share this info with everyone
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yupyup , it was
Lots of brahma owners have been disappointed....No big secret....
I had a freind that purchased 2 15" Brahmas. I suggested them to him.

So he gets them, installs them, then calls me back 4 days later crying and bitching that they are blown and the subs are peices of shit.

so I go over to his house and what do i find. . .

they are in an enclosure taking up the whole length and width of the back of his Expidition with a DEI 2200D on Each one, Bridged and Gains full open on the amp :uh:


I have only heard mild complaints about Brahamas from experienced installers. I have heard several from Novice installers. . .

I had 3 12's and never had one problem with them.
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:dunno: id buy a brahma without thinking about it twice.
If you would of seen all the pissed off pepl's posts about how they got ripped off you would

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Ive read the posts. Ive also read what The representitives from the company have to say and ive seen how the situations are dealt with. Id be less heistant to buy from Brahma then some of these local stores.
I had two Brahma 12's and never had a problem either. My nephew (who has the car with those two 12's) hasn't gotten any problems with them either.
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