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i know i ask stupid questions

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any way, i live in uk and im saving my arse off to get a 63-64 impala or an 83 coupe deville, i was wondering on the deville is there a chrome trim around the vinyl top???

what do you rekon to a 83 coupe with candy brandy wine paint n a gucci leather vinyl top (i know most dont like that) chromed out to fu*k on 14" dayton rims (pic below)

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what do we rekon...............??? you didnt really ask a question.

on my 82 deville, there is chrome trim.

what is a gucci leather vinyl top?
there was a topic in post your rides n they had the roof covered in a gucci pattern, it was on a new shape impala i think i tried looking but gave up on finding it

sorry man the question was jus bout the trim being around the vinyl :thumbsup:

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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