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yea ummmm im gunna fill in my bike by myself and yea im new so i dunno what the fuck to do i could post pictures if u wanted me to and umm yea i needa no how to fill it in what to use how to get the paint off and yea all of that please help me!!!

JonJoN 408
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LOL nikkuh plz uhh yea thanks fer the siite cuzz and yea ill post sum fukin pics up of my bike and wat i wanna do to it sooo cheaaaa stay wittt me nikkuh and ill show u like after i do all the sanding er wateverz yadadiimeann? iight lates

JonJoN 408

ohh yea

East Side San Jose Nikkuhh Norther Killafornia
my bad square bare ass nikkuh im from the bay im sorry if i dun talk white enough for ya but cheaa yaddaddiimeannn cmon now figure it out and ummmmm im gunna post a pic rite now i got muh bros camera so here is wat i think i wanna do but yea gimmie sum of your ideas becuz i want my shit to be bad becuz nun of these foos do nothin to there bikes yaddaddii imm sayin?
k here we go gimmie ideas or is this good? umm yea just plz help and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea heres a pic


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sorry but yea, im 16 so u gotta speak kinda low cuz yea i jus got expelled frum high school and i have lots of time to do my bike. please give me more ideas on what i should fill in or somthin cuz like i said i have lots of time and i want to dooo tha damn thing haha well yes i would appreciate sum photos of what you did to yours that would help thanks..
RAIDERS GAME IS ON BABY RANDY MOSSS WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I THINK WE ARE GUNNA BEAT THE PATRIOTS HMMMMM I HOPE well yea back to the bike i will get watever supplies i need tomorrow and start right away with the bondo and welding then post up new pictures haha i hope i dont mess my bike up :(
lol what thee well yea thanks any ways if ur into lowriders n shit im thinking usually only car collectors and gangstas do those but i may be wrong ummmm wanna see a pic of me and determine if im gangsta er not?
i like your rims and the things holdin the fenders and to that guy that sed im gangsta see fer yer self fukkin hater hahahah and maybe you can help me with my detail painting later on wen i finish everything else? thanks fer sum ideas

heres the expelled "Gangsta" hahaha
well until i get supplys (tomorrow) i will jus be askin for ideas and pictures you ppl might have done soi will check this from time to time soo yea thanks
can you paint the fenders n all those other twisty parts? do u have to sand off the chrome or somthing????? plz get back at me
nice but what do i have to do??? sand it?? wat number of sand paper????
spray paint right? or ughh im new plz tell me in detail ahahaa
wat if i dont wanna buy that special shit and i just have sum old spray paint at home hahaha coulde i just do that or do i have to sand?????
lol ohh and yea there is sum rust on the fender should i just sand it er what??? and scrathces =(
man u guys are lame ok i want to paint my has scratches....not big ones but noticable ones...someone sed steel wool high then high grain sand paper then 2 coats of primer then paint...uhhhmmm plz help me im bored and i want to work on muh fuckin bike...
thanks lolo ill put pics n shit of muh new painted fenders and uhhhh yea gimmie time cuz i aint gots no ride to the store but ill post pics up wen i do tha damn thang
look atchall buncha bitch ass e thugs im 16 yea foo i won golden gloves 2 years in a row cuz come see what im about er yer jus them weak ass ETHUGSSS well fukk that if ur jus gunna talk shit then dun even post nuttin

thanks ranger ron ima go buy sum shit today to do all that and uhhh "ali" is it? i jus got expelled foo srry i cant go to school!

go head talk shit
knocking the fuck outa sum ***** at school and i had a knife on me sooo yea the cops are dicks and yea thas bout it
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