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yea ummmm im gunna fill in my bike by myself and yea im new so i dunno what the fuck to do i could post pictures if u wanted me to and umm yea i needa no how to fill it in what to use how to get the paint off and yea all of that please help me!!!

JonJoN 408
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Originally posted by East Siderr@Sep 8 2005, 04:44 PM~3778653
k here we go gimmie ideas or is this good? umm yea just plz help and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea heres a pic
Are you still working on this design?
Please dont do the frame like that. You need something different for a skirt. There are too many bikes with that kinda skirt on the back. I will post some different shit tomorrow for you.
Someone in Oldies has a bike like that already. I will show you a picture of it tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 87 Posts
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