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I/P fuse problem is driving me CRAZY!

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Okay here's the problem... When I leave the car parked over night, battery is dead in the morning 100% of the time. When I unplug the right instrument panel fuse there is no draining of the battery. Any of you guys ever had this problem, or have an idea what it could be?? Btw its a 2001 Monte Carlo

Thanks in advance!
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gm had a lot of problems out of i/p from 00-06. with monte impalas and trucks as well. theres nothing to do other than replace it. bad thing is, a dealer has to reprogram it
not sure ive heard of this problem.

Best thing to do is get a diagram of everything on that fuse.

Maybe pull the cluster out to make sure thats the problem.

You could insert a testlight that is hooked to power into the fuse terminal.
If there is a load (ground) the test light will light up, then you unplug shit till it goes out.

Its easier then waiting for the battery to go dead.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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