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I have a 1980 Caddilac Sedan Deville.. I was going to order a hydro kit soon.. but before i do, i would like to know, If i where to install them what would i need to do.. like if i put them in and then hit the switches would it hurt something, or would i need to modify the frame, or the upper and lower arms or what?? (thank god my uncle is a master welder :biggrin: )

This was the kit i was going to get...

ShowTime Chrome
Two ShowTime Chrome pumps, fittings, standard check valves, competition dumps, #6 high-pressure hoses, 8" street cylinders, slow downs, cups, donuts, street switches, solenoids, switchplate and switch cord.
Price: $995.00

Now with that can i do a coil over set-up.. and are there advantages or like better feeling on the bumps or something, and what is the diffrence between the two, and what do u consider?


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