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Ignition conversion - 70 impala

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On my 70 Imp My distributor makes a crackling noise when i give it gas so instead of fucking with the breaker points and condenser I'm gonna convert it electronic breakerless ignition. Any suggestions? Should I get a kit? Which Ignition should I go with? My shit's got a 350.
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any SBC HEI distributor will work fine. to do it on a budget you can even go to the junkyard and grab one out of a car for real cheap. even a stock unit will perform better and be more reliable than the points style ignition.

just remove the ballast resistor from your circuit if it's still there, and install the HEI unit along with the new wires you'll need. You'll need to supply it with a +12 volt source that is off when the ignition is off, but hot in the start and run positions.

Set your timing and roll out!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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