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i want to take to body of the frame and than get the lower floor cleanded and than painted. Problem here is how you bulit a good rack to turn it arround or at least it is easy to paint.
Do you have some drawing how to built one or please post some pictures!



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or just do a search on frame / body dolly on here

I can't provide you with a link but here's a cut out

of a post I saved some time ago

that should get your homies that built your car all necessary info:


How to build your own body dolly.
Cheap and easy.

Ok, there are 2 ways to do this:

1. Build a rigid dolly for your cars body style.
2. Build an adjustable dolly that will fit any body style.

Both styles are basically the same, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each, which i will list below:

Good: Quicker and easier to build than adjustable dolly.
Bad: Can only be used on one particular body style, storage problems due to size after use.

Good: Fully adjustable to fit any body style, disassembles after use for easy storage.
Bad: Takes a little longer to build, requires more tools (drill and tap for bolt holes).

Materials needed:

*Approx. 35 ft of steel box tubing (i used 2x2x1/4 because it was free, but its overkill, use someting lighter).

*4 2x2" square flat peices of metal (for the tops of the legs).

*6 6" peices of larger box tube for the tunnels where the bars slide through.

*4 heavy duty steel castors (wheels).

*16 bolts (12 for set screws, 4 for the body mounts)

Tools needed:

*Something to cut the steel tubing (chop saw, sawz-all, torch, whatever).




To make a rigid style dolly, just measure the distances (front to back and side to side) between the body mounts you want to use and thats basically it. Self explanatory from there. Its easier if you have a bare frame to measure from instead of getting up under a car.

To make the adjustable style dolly...
1. Do the same as the rigid style except make everything longer than needed to allow for future adjustments for different bodies, and make "tunnels" for the bars to slide through.

2. Drill and tap 2 holes for bolts in the side of the tunnels to hold everything in place once it is adjusted to the proper length. The bolts act like set screws.

3. Measure the height of your castors, the height from the bottom of your body to the top, and most importantly the height of your garage door that you will need to clear if you want to roll the car outside.... do the math and that will tell you how tall you can make the 4 legs.

4. Drill a hole in the middle of the small 2x2" squre flat plates and slide a bolt through it, then weld the bolt head on, then take this peice and weld it to the top of the legs with the threaded end of the bolt sticking up... this is what you will bolt the body mounts down with.

(Depending on what your body mount style is like you may not be able to bolt it down in the rear, in this case substitute a piece of c-channel welded with the sides facing up that will act like a cup or a guide to hold the rear from moving side to side.... once its bolted down in the front, its not going anywhere). Just look under your car and you will know what to do for the back, you basically want to keep the body from moving side to side since it will be bolted in the front.

5. Weld the castors on the bottom of the legs.

Thats it, cheap and easy.

Here are the measurements i used on the one for my 64 just to give you an idea:

Center bar = 15'
Front cross bar = 4'
Rear cross bar = 5'
Legs (not including castors) = 2 1/2'
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