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I have a 79 Impala 2dr which is about 50% complete. It has the Aero rear window. There is not a spot of rust on this car. 85K Miles grandpa driven all its life.

Body: Door handle shaved, in Primer. Ready to spray. Have euro clip from a 90 to do the coversion and also the tail light pane from and 84 to replace the origiona 79 equiptment, but the origional stuff will come with it. I have all new brakes and steering components all linkcage, calipers, rotors, all new in their boxes. The wheel wells, Trans Support, radiator support, Trailing arms have all been aciddipped and are chrome worthly.

Powertrain and Frame: Frame has been boxed in 1/4" Smoothed with weld and all metal filler and Powdercoated. There is not a detail missed on this frame. Engine and Trans were built by Borchardts speed shop on South 27th St in Milwaukee. Engine was dissambled, then heads and block were ceramic coated and then powered and reassembled. Trans was also completely dissembled and then powdered and reassembled. The Engine is a Built up 305 origional from the car bored and stroked with a mild cam. The frame engine and Transmission are all powdered the same prismatic black which was done at Classic Coatings in Sheboygen Wisconsin. The Rearend has been stripped, acid dipped, reinforced and powerballs welded to it ready for chrome.

Interior: All origional but have Swivel buckets from a monte carlo. I was going to put in a floor shifter and smooth the column.

I have the door popper kit included as well. My goal for this project was a Magazine cover car and it could be. This is a very rare car especially in the lowriding world You don't see to many of these out there. It is an origional A/C Car.

The frame is the same from 77-90 so even of you don't want to finish the car the frame, engine, and trans will work with any BOX Chevy.

I do not have any pictures of the body. My hardrive failed so all the pictures before i did this are gone. The body is in another city at my buddies shop and i will not be up there until next weekend to take photos.

MAKE OFFER or TRADE.---> Pics of what i have ON the Way!
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