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is this a good deal?

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Hey, dont know much about air cyls but is this a good deal?

"Hey i got a kit on nmy car i'll sell cheap. only thing it needs is new O-rings on the pistons in 3 of the cyls. I rebuilt one of them already, but had to use a new updated cyl (ports on bottom not on side for reverse flow) for parts to fix it. I have a set of O rings for the other front that should work. I also have a unused rear cyl that I can take apart for the 2 rear's fix. other than that, its a good working system with all new ARO 215 psi solenoids, big gold Blitzluft valves (like 5/8" exhaust ports) 1/2" line, 3/8" fittings everywhere else. 5 gallon tank, NEW Viair 450C compressor, water trap, 10 switch CCE box (front/back/side/side/pancake/f-r seesaw/individual wheel) and 80 amp relay & pressure switch. all heavy duty wiring. I'll even throw in a SVR-55 battery i use to keep it happy when the car isnt running.

You'd look at about $1400+ with this kit, its very fast. install an adjustable pressure switch and a oasis compressor and hit switches like hydros, but with no waiting. I will take $800 for the kit, and make sure everything is in good shape before i send it. I'll even send it with free shipping, and extra parts like compression fittings and inserts for the hose."

Anything other than getting the O-rings fixed that i will need to get this up and running? Check valves a good idea?

thanks for the input :)
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sounds like its all there...

but WTF is an ARO 215 PSI solenoid??

does he mean pressure switch?

what kinda car?
an oasis is nice but overpriced..

just get a 175 PSI pressure switch from fernando, and check out the Blowjax compressor... but if you're just gonna use it to lay the car out at shows, the viair is fine..

the cylinders worry me because they sometimes "balloon" in the middle, and no amount of o-ring replacement will prevent it from leaking..

for 800 bucks, its an OK deal, even if you end up replacing the cylinders in the future..
any cylinder made by Bimba is good quality shit...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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