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Hi all,
If anyone is looking for a complete kit from Airlift/Easystreet for their 94-96 B-body, I am currently selling these at $1475 + freight vs the $1950 the complete kit normally sells for. It comes with all bags and brackets, a 5 gallon tank, ViAir450 chrome compressor, 3/8" valves,gauges, switches, 1/2" line, and all fittings and electrical parts.I can also get you other kits for Hondas, Neons, Fords, Toyota, pretty much any kit the Easystreet division sells. You can check out their selection at Easystreet

The prices are only good for the combo kits, not individual parts or pieces or any of the Airlift helper bags for racing and such. Hopefully sometime in the future though. Email me if you need more info. Thanks.

Alex Melero

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