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junkyard rims

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in one of the rim topics i said i found a set of truespokes in a junk yard. Well i went back today and got pics. they're on a caddy i don't remember what kind though. has 3 probng spinners on the other rims. 50 spoke from what i counted :)

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they belong right where you found them. no value at all
still cool lookin rims!
spray paint them with some black rustoleum and roll them shits...
next time i go to the junkyard i'm gonna bring some mothers and see if i can get one of them to shine. If i can i'm gonna buy them bitches and resell them or see if i can sport them on mine.
hey if theres a complete set i'll buy them :biggrin:
ya there's 4. next time i'll try to clean 1 of them and see if i can find all the knock offs.
id roll em :puffin:
so did that single mother you took to the junkyard shine or no???
haven't been back down there yet it's liek a 45 min drive. i
go get them bitchs before there crushed into scrap :uh:
I'd get em if they're cheap.

I need to start hittin the yards lookin for elbows n shit.
i went to one of the junk yards here and got all happy cuz i seen a swanga on the front of this 60's coupe deville vert. so i run over ready to take em off and that was the only one!!!!! :angry: :mad:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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