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I just put a Alpine Digital EQ [ERA-G320] and a Audiobahn 5.4" [im pretty sure.. dont look like 6" or above..] in my Cutlass..
I got it all wired up and everything.. Ran the wire for my EQ face from the front, to the trunk.. Got the screen in the dash after taking it out and putting it back in 5 times within like 30 minute's, And some minor cutting of the back of the dash. Ran the wire for it.. Got all happy, plugged the face into the wire to the trunk. Went to the trunk to plug the wire into the Unit, AND IT WONT PLUG IN.. WTF!! so i look, And there two different plug's.. the face and Box have 13 prong's, Twelve in a 4x3 square, with one extra out to the side, Then the Cord has like 9 hole's in a Circular pattern [Not exactly sure, But ill go take pic's tomarrow so you can see what im talking about..] The face and the wire went to gether Perfectly.. But the wire into the Box wouldnt go in for shit.. So as of now my EQ faceplate is located in the trunk. Got the inverter in the trunk, Now all i need is a Modded XBox, and some nice Componet's to go with the EQ [Instead of the 4" radio shack mid, and two Radio shack Tweet's that i got runnin right now..], And an amp.. Then later on down the road ill buy my Sub [Kicker L712d2], and Amp [JBL1200.1]. All in all im pretty happy, Even if i gotta go to the trunk to change the EQ setting's.. [I might put the box in the dash, right behind my screen, and see if i cant get the face to reach out to where i want it.. but the wire is like 8 inches long.. And the box is kinda big..]

So onto the Question's...

#1.Where's the cheapest place to buy an FM mod, Or a CD/MP3 deck with Aux IN..? [Please leave URL's.. not just "SD" for]

#2.Anyone know where i can get the wire that goes from the Face to the trunk of an Alpine ERA-G320 for a half way decent price..?

#3. What do you guy's Suggest me to run for High's and Mid's to keep up with a KickerL7D2 [@ 4 ohm's..] and JBL 1200.1 [and ill add another L7 later on down the road..]

Keep in mind that im wanting to put them in the door's of my Cutty, And id like a Componet set.. For about $100.. Give or take.. And what about Amp's to push em..
For rear fill think i could get away with running like two set's of 4" Componet's Ran off the Rear channel of my deck, so i can fade em when i dont need them..?

Im thinking two set's of MB Quart's RSC213 5.25 Componet's in the door's, Then in the rear maybe another set...? Think 5.25's will keep up with an L7..? Im going for Sq mainly, So the L7 wont be too loud.. But it's gonna bump when i want it too.. and i wanna hear word's..

Or sohuld i go with the MB Quarts DSC 216 6.5" Comp set's..? I dont know if ill have room in the door.. I want them in the bottom carpeted area.. and they look Cheap as hell..

Or what about Audiobahn Componet set's.. I know there are alot of Mixed Reviews on them, but these Audiobahn ABC525Q 5.25 comp set's dont look too bad.. But i dont know if i can trust Audiobahn with my Mid's / High's..

P.S. Remind me to tidy up those loose wire's and go Vaccume my car out.. i feel bad having to post up dirty pic's.. i may just bust out the shop vac tomarrow..

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