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K&N filters?

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just wondurin if the air filters actually do add a little HP and if there any good?.....and are there oil filters any good? THX.
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I think they help in alot of areas. they are reuseable, so it saves money. Cotton lets more air in than the paper ones like Fram and such. and they trap more dirt and last way longer. So it benefits everything, in my opinion. I run a velocity stack with a K&N on the chero, Its around 6 years old now. Works great.
i havent used one on the car yet, but they are good on the bikes.
I live by them. I have K & N Filters on all of my cars and on my race car (dirt oval racing) and a K & N Air Filter can last me 2 years with regular cleaning. Well worth the money spent at first and you can go about 7500 miles before you have to clean it. Good Luck. :thumbsup:
GO FOR IT :cool:
I run an S&B cone filter on my '95 SS. Similar to the K&N, but S&B is dual inlet so it gets more air. Lots of other companies are now making these types of reusable filters.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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