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Im looking to buy some rims here shortly.. I have a 93 Surburban & a 91 Mustang Gt that needs some rims... Here what im thinking:

Suburban: 20"---- Kandy burgandy
1) Kandy red rim w/ chrome nips & spokes, red hub & k/o....?

2) Kandy red rim lip w/ kandy red center w/ chrome spinners...?

3) kandy red rim lip , nips & hub w/ chrome spokes & k/o......?

4) Kandy Magenta outter rim ,& spokes w/ chrome nips k/o & hub...?

5) Kandy Magenta rim lip,nips & spokes w/ chrome hub & k/o...?

6) Kandy Magenta rim lip, nips & spokes & k/o w/ chrome spinner..?

--- Keith , I know i have talked to you before but if you could do me a favor here & tell me what you think we can get these out for I will buy a few sets off the bat... I am thinking anthony here is buying new as well... We can save on shipping by ordering 3-4 sets & shipping them on a pallet.......Only a few more days till we both get some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :biggrin:

*** To make it easy for you just PM a price quote for each seperate number above .............Just PM me ---- easier for the both of us.....Thanks , BOB_T

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