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Most of you know i met Ted this summer *see the 2006 link in my signature*

I told him the story, about a swedish friend of mine Jacob. He`s on here under the name Silentdawg. Now about 30 years ago, in the 70`s, he read an article in a swedish car magazine as a kid, with a story about Ted Wells and his homies from the Professionals cc. How they would scrape on van Nuys and Whittier, what the rides looked like back then and what this swedish reporter experienced when cruising with the Professionals.

This magazine, which was printed in swedish, was send to Ted 30 years ago, but he never was able to read it, and this summer we were at his house and i told him the story about the reporter they took around 30 years ago, he remembered! He couldnt believe i knew that and that somebody in sweden was captured by lowridin because of him. I had my homie from sweden translate it to english and i have send it to Ted, so after 30 years he can finally read what they wrote about him :biggrin:

But i think its cool to share it with everybody! So with the help of Silentdawg, i post these pictures of the magazine, and the translation :cool:

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Lowriders - black car cult

The car stereo is playing soulmusic. The sound is pouring through the open door
of a white Chevrolet Camaro. The body lays just some centimeters above the asphalt.
A lowrider. A true lowrider.

The L.A. night is dark and hot. T-shirt hot. People relate to each other in the
terms of "man" and "cool". In this area there lives only black people.
Darrell slips out of his white camaro, takes a few dancesteps on the sidewalk, turns
around, dances back to his camaro, reach down and turns up the volume. Base and drums.
He turns on the black and white tv-screen between the front seats. The picture
appears like a blueish glow from the dark insides of the car.
The last news broadcast for the night. The newscaster lips moves but all he says is
silenced by the soul drums.

Ted is hanging out on the porch of his house. Don and some others sits on the stairs.
Ted drinks Hawaiian Punch and eats potato chips. His car is parked on the driveway
beside the house he is living in. Chevrolet Impala 1962. A lowrider.

The body lies on the asphalt, the dim light of the streets reflects in the hundreds
of thousands metal flakes emedded in clearcoat -layer for layer. Stars and comets.
Comet tails. Red, white and blue. Patterns crossing each other until the eyes can't
follow no more. A lowrider, a true lowrider.
The upolstery is blue and bluish grey, four deep swiwel seats just like the dashboard
clothed in velvet, soft as a kittens fur.

Between the seats there is a small mirror tablewith some bottles and glasses. Wine.
Chrome rims, narrow tires with whitewalls. The steering wheel is approximately 15
centimeters wide. The hub is deep, all chrome. The knob of the gearshifter is replaced
with a piston from a motorcycle engine. A lowrider. A lowrider with a cool interiour.

Bomber hydraulics

The springs are replaced, leaf springs in the back replaced by screw springs, the
springs up front with bigger springs. Instead of shocks the suspension works with
hydraulics from the gears of a wwII bomber. In the trunk -also clothed in velvet-
there are two powerful pumps driven by 3.91 hk electrical motors. 36 volts, 3 batteries.
The whole system is chromed. A lowrider. A lowrider with everything: stereo, tv,
radio communication, cool paintjob, cool interiour, chromed hydraulics and a lot of
lift capacity.

No lowrider is true just because the body lays low. It have to be able to rise up also.
Some blocks away the sound of a police siren echoes from a distance. Wawawawawawa....

Maybe it is the police cruiser we outrun a couple of hours earlier. Nobody knows, nobody
cares. Ted is grumpy. His scrapebar broke. Also there is some noise coming from the
hydraulics -Man's gonna take me two days before i can get my car on the street again...

Two days is an eternity for a lowrider that have a boulevard for each night of the week
to cruise. Van Nuys at wednesdays. Whittier at fridays -those are the main cruisespots.
Where everybody goes to.

But Ted is also somewhat content for losing his scrapebar. Noone knows when that happened
the last time -if it ever happened at all. And that much of sparks nobody have seen in

Some hours ago the scraping begun when the girl at Mcdonalds by Sanda Barbara Ave came
out to ask if we're going to order or just park, and Ted called out to everybody that
we have to go someplace else to get rid of all the cops and everybody else minding our
business. Now lets see some sparks everybody, come on!

For real, it all started with Ted winning first price at the lowrider exibition at LA
Memorial Sports arena.

Chrome and velvet

There every lowrider with pride is represented in the most spectacular lowridershow
in all of LA. Cars like the Sun Godess, a Chevy Monte Carlo 1972, worth 8888 dollars
according to the owner, equipped with front seats from a Lincoln Continental 1975,
upolstery all velvet -red and gold, car phone, electrically opened trun. No door knobs
or other non-estetic gadgets. Rows and rows with lowriders. Gold and silverflakes
in the paintjobs, deep candy paint, chromed out engines, velvet dashboards without
instruments (in some cars just for shows) only 3 switches for the hydraulics used to
raise and lower the body. Narrow wheels. Steering wheels with small diameters made
by chromed chains. "Frenched" headlights without trimmings, molded into the body.
Remade grilles with horisontally, twisted bars. Everything chromed. Velvet clothed
spare tires. All of them equipped with hydraulics bought from one of the US air force
surplus stores. With the hydraulics the lowrider - driver and car are both named this -
can raise and lower the body. It can be dragged on the streets, lay down on the ground
with a deep mechanical sound, it can be raised high above the wheels. 22 inches -55.8
centimeters- between the ground and the body is said to be the highest in Los Angeles
-and therefore the whole world. Los Angeles -as big as Närke (a swedish county)
contains of a lot of cities cut through by long boulevards is the birth place of

The legacy of Barris

Here a kind of car cult grew that has no equal. Blacks and mexicans did their
interperations of custom creations from the likes of George Barris who began to
chop the roof of regular cars, dropped bodies, frenched lights, removed chrome and
door handles...
When the college kids grew tired of those kind of tricks the mexicans and the blacks
purified the lowrider. In the veichle-centered community of Los ANgeles a new breed
came forward in the latin and black parts of the city. A clean, well built, shining
lowrider was something to be proud of. A symbol of independence, a proof of success.
No lowrider makes a secret of how much money he put down in his car.
50000-60000 (swedish currency) is common. Not to speak about how much money he gonna
put into the next car. -Oh man, oh man. Its gonna be real cool. Real cool.
The first lowriders who came up with the idea of making the originally lowered car
vertically moveable with surplus hydraulics revolutionized the whole concept. Now
you'd get some real action on the streets.

Sure, it would be cool to creep along Whittier Blvd on a friday night with the body
just some centimeters above ground just like a cat on the hunt, but what is that
compared to being able to raise and lower it? To drop it on the streets and hear the
discrete sound of metal to asphalt and then let it raise up again.
First the rear, slow and worthy of a feeline ready to charge, and then take off along
the street nose down? This is when somebody invented the scrape bar below the
front crossmember.

Sparks on the asphalt

A scrapebar is a big lump of cast iron, maybe with some content of magnesium.
When driving forward motion whit the weight of the car leaning on this lump
friction cause lots of sparks. A correctly mounted bar can spark a lot even at
speeds between 30-40 km/h.

Some builders used their hydraulics to make their cars to dance. Up-down, up-down, up-
down. Preferebly with the driver on the outside, trough remote controlled hydraulics.
Just like the fine people control their tv sets, of course here it has to be through
wires. But the dances is only performed by a few cause of the massive strain on the car,
every piece of metal, every weld.

Earlier this evening -the night of the awards at the big show- people gathered outside
Mcdonalds parking lot at Santa Barbara Ave. Ted won an enormous trophy. It peeked through
the sunroof on his impala.
The cop swerwed around and the girl from the burger temple got outside to ask for orders
-or else.. The boss moved in a treathening manor behind the stainless steel counter.
As responsible for the cash flow for the multinational hamburger giant Mcdonalds he
could not allow the parking lot to be used without consuming the products. That much
was obvious from the commotion inside.

-Lets get away from all this, Ted yelled out.

Then we're all on the streets, a single file line at least ten cars deep. Ted up front.
Low speed, teasingly low.

Showing rear axles

This speed is maintained until Ted spots a police cruiser up ahead. He passes it.
Darrel accompanies him on the other side with the camaro. Then they floor it, the
automatic transmissions kick down to lower gears, their right hands flip the small
chromed switches to lower the fronts, two scrapebars hits the asphalt at the same time
the rears rise up a bit, dignified, with just a little contempt. The rear axles
gets visible in an almost obscene way just as the sparks lights up the whole avenue.
Flooding the cop car.

Right up on Santa Barbara Avenue.
The rest of the cars slowly cruise alongside the cop car, a traffic light, someone
gets in front of the cops. Stone faces. In all the cars exept the cop car.

Ted and Darrell is out of sight on some alley. The police chose not to do anything.
This time. Even though it is illegal to rebuild the suspension with hydraulics, even
though it is highly illegal to drag parts of the body or chassis to the ground.
The most common charge is "destroying of asphalt". The car construction itself is not
the issue in the liberal California.
The caravan moves on. Ted and Darrell reunite with the others at a gas station.
Just a minute ago it was allmost deserted, but when there's lowriders there's people.
Girls appear from everywhere, high pitched voices, noses up against the sidewindows.

"Dont touch it- what if the owner shows up. -They freak out if you touch their cars.."
"Check out that cute living room. But where's the kitchen? -Watch out, here he comes!"

And Ted beelines to his car. So cool in the hot night, he plays for a while with the
hydraulics -the rear raises...hssss...lowers. All done in less than a second.

A white misplaced male looks nervosly at the crowd, pay his gas and dissapear.
We're deep into the black parts of LA. White taxidrivers -who has to go through here-
and they only do that in daylight- complains about the ghetto. The people up in the
hills -whites in white aircontitioned condoes high above Los Angeles smog- warns you
of coming here.
Maybe cause the dont know. Cause they have heard something from other people who also
haven't been here.
Darrell swerves around the gas station, shooting sparks like fire behind his car, the
sound of metal to asphalt echoes between the houses. Ted crawls under his car. The
sensational scrape in front of the police car took its toll. Its broken.
But than again, it was a lot of sparks...

The lonley white lowrider

Jim appears a bit late. He also got an Impala 1962. Early 60's Chevrolet, almost
exclusively chevrolet, is the most common lowriders. Some Thunderbirds, some 50's cars
-preferrably Chevrolet Bel Airs- is also quite common. There's thousands of lowriders
in the Los Angeles area. Very very few is driven by white men. Jim is a part of this
minority. Just as Ted and Darrell he is part of a club -"The Proffessionals".
The club has its meeting every thursday night. Proffessionals is part of the exclusive
clique who rolls with a visible plaque in their back window.

Jim's girlfriend Chris offers me to "ride shotgun" in their car. In this case it means
tha i can travel up in the front seat. Jim feels he has lost the award at the show.

-Ted won even though he's undercarriage is not fully chromed. Mine is.

Jims Impala flows forward, soft and quiet. Tuned engines is nothing for lowriders.
On the contrary lots of work is being done to get the car to travel soft and quiet.
-Chevrolets standard V8's is good enough. "There's no ride like a low ride.."

The ride is equal to a Mercedes, Darrell claims.

Jim dips the nose, the undercarriage hits the street and the scrape bar sends off
some sparks. He doesn't have trouble steering the car, even though most of its weight
is scraping on the ground right now.

-The power steering does most of the job. Also you allways put the bar in the center
of the axle to get balance.

Jim has no explanation why he is the only white lowrider in Los Angeles, well probably
the whole world.

-It just happened.

No lowrider has no explanation for anything really. For them the cult surrounding
the gleaming, sparking cars is taken for granted. Itegrated with their way of living.

-Sometimes there's a problem, says Jim. I dont really want to cruise in their hood, and
they definately wont cruise in mine. So Jim cruise their blocks.

We arrive at Ted's place. He has a neat two room appartment just on the ground floor.
The living room is filled with trophys fom different car shows. Ted makes a living
building hydraulics in lowriders.

He is very proud of his trophys. He have won the most in the whole club.
The time is close to 2 am. It is hot, we hang out at the porch of Ted's house.
The street is alive, the store around the corner is open, someone gets more soda-
Hawaiian Punch- the tape recorder in Darrell's car is pounding soul music.
Darrell is talking about his next car. If his current car is cool in its pearl
paintjob, the next one's going to be super cool. Candy paint, maybe red.
Everything chromed out, from the a-arms to the hydraulic hardlines.
The conversation dies out. Jim is tired and says "man, must get some sleep.."

But Ted does not seem to want to go to bed. Before Darrell leaves he tells
him to call him "later tonight".

Darrell nods and creeps down the street with the music thumping and the tv-screen

The Los Angeles night embraces him and all the other lowriders cruising the
boulevards and avenues, low, gleaming, shining, mystified -unspeakably mystified.

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i think i'm going to print this and read it while on the train....

great job......!!!!!!!!

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this is actually how it all started for me, a skinny white guy in sweden.. :biggrin:

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good shit right there thats what TRADITIONAL LOWRIDING is about :biggrin:

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Thats cool I like how people who arent in the lowriding culture perceive it.... I always get a kick listening to people at carshows who bring there kids out for the first time and try to explain why the cars look and do what they do. and its a good feeling not to be stereo typed in an article

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Originally posted by ridenlow84@Sep 10 2006, 10:03 PM~6142895
Thats cool I like how people who arent in the lowriding culture perceive it.... I always get a kick listening to people at carshows who bring there kids out for the first time and try to explain why the cars look and do what they do. and its a good feeling not to be stereo typed in an article

exactly! this story is written by a swedish reporter back then, who didnt knew what lowriders were, this story is his first and only experience cruising with Ted and scraping up LA :biggrin:

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One of the greatest topics on! 'Joost...' and 'SilentDawg', thank you for sharing this. This type of information is greatly needed today in lowriding. Because so many of us have become selfish and self-centered and have lost the true passion that has driven us to be lowriders. It's not about a magazine or a particular club. It's about the people, love and passion of lowriding/lowriders.

Thanks again for sharing.


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Originally posted by Tyrone@Sep 10 2006, 02:30 PM~6143012
One of the greatest topics on! 'Joost...' and 'SilentDawg', thank you for sharing this. This type of information is greatly needed today in lowriding. Because so many of us have become selfish and self-centered and have lost the true passion that has driven us to be lowriders. It's not about a magazine or a particular club. It's about the people, love and passion of lowriding/lowriders.

Thanks again for sharing.

It's about time we get some quality reading material. :biggrin:

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Originally posted by Crenshaw's Finest@Sep 10 2006, 10:34 PM~6143024

Did Ted ever see those pictures? And what happined to Darryl?

Thanks for sharing Joost.

yes, he has the magazine somewhere, but he was never able to read what was written about him, but this text is send to him too now, after 30 years.

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Awesome post Joost... Reading it, i was really taken back in time and could see that 62 and that Camaro scraping down the street with some good oldies music turned up.

The writer did an excellent job on this article.

Thank you for sharing.

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I have one more contribution to this topic. When Joost told me he was going to see Ted i told him that i wanted one thing -the man's autograph. This is like one of my true childhood heroes and you really came through for me Joost, thanks dawg!

The autograph is going into my next lowrider with that 70's flavour as a tribute to the lowriders i used to like back then but only see in magazines.
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