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Looking for a nice lowrider

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alright here is the deal i am looking for a lowrider that is jucied ( dont like bags sorry :( ) it needs to run and drive. post what you have cars, trucks, etc. color doesnt matter too much but i prefer orange or green. but if its not those colors doesnt matter at all. the only cautch is that i only got 2000$ to spend on it. if its the right thing maby more. i live in state of virginia. either post or pm please
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someone has to have something like this
not for only $2000 they don't.................. :biggrin:
yea because i have seen 3 go for 1500 and a guy has a post for 2500 for some and he is gettin a few posts in is

all three of the ones that went for 1500 were juiced and 2 of them working great 1 wasnt too great. i shoulda jumped on one of those when i saw it. you guys should be scared to post what you got for that price cuz i may want it.
come up with a little more and come get this pm for more


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pm me with the detials on the blue one and richie i didnt get any e-mail...?
Got a 84 deville for 5200 obo. this thing doesnt need any work and has no damage. it could drive across the country today and is daily driven on the highway. new paint, rims, etc. check my thread or pm for more info.
need 2000$ or less will offer more for a lil better
oh yea i live in virginia beach virginia the state of virginia
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