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looking for an engine builder!

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any one in the los angeles area know a good low budget engine builder? im looking to turn my weak kneed 400 to a 406 (since i cant afford a 409 hehehe). work outa the garage at home better for me maybe i can assist in the build up and save a lil cash. let me know what mechanics you go to im getting prices all over on rebuilds and build ups. or if you have a good running 327 for sale let me know. thanx for reading..... Rick
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isnt the bore price the same for what ever size?
thanx homie but im on the west coast ans the shipping charges would be intense. it would make more sense to get a crate engine at that point. any one in the so cal area???
Originally posted by fidy2chevy@Aug 18 2005, 07:46 AM~3649900
im looking to turn my weak kneed 400 to a 406 (since i cant afford a 409 hehehe).
I know there's a combo to make a 409 small block, I don't know the bore/stroke off hand though, and I don't have any of my books here. but if it's an impala you could run 409 flags and then when people laugh at you you could shut them up. :biggrin:
took me way too long to figure out, but you can use a stock 400 crank and stock rods, with stock pin height 040 400 pistons.

stock 400 is 4.125Sx3.75B

.040 over = 4.165 bore,

(2.0825 ^2) X pi x 3.75 x 8 = ~408.7 ci

I'm fully going to build one one day now that I know it's just a 040 over 400. I bet there's hundreds of them out there that the owners don't even know they're 409s.
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