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Heres a couple seat post I just built for sale. If anyone is interested in them as with everything I do they are for sale.

We have noticed everyone drops the seats to low to ride and if not the seatpost is lacking we are covering that issue in our shop and with our club.

I should have mentioned the round parts are hidden by the seat clamp and frame. The larger part goes in the frame. This will stop crushing of the seat clamp and seatpost clamp. Trust me if you want to do this your self and save a buck remember a couple things #1 They aint that dam expensive. #2 don`t half ass it. Add the round sections and remeber to weld them. Its cool being the only guy in the club with a 2 or 3 inch twisted seat post. But its screwed to be the only guy with a screwed up bike because you got lazy.


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how much for a chrome one????

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These are Chrome. The scanner makes them look dull. That are the same Chrome as the twisted fork braces and twisted cranks.

Yes we have a few tools here to do stuff like this.

The answer to the important question. We sell these in our shop for $25.00 to non club members and $20.00 to club members. I can do the same for customers. We are just like a BIG BIKE CLUB any ways. And that price will cover shipping to anywhere in the main 48 states.

I am new to the boards so feel free to check our refernces on ebay. We are on Yes thats our user ID.


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lET ME KNOW HOW MUCH SEATPOST YOU WANT SHOWING BETWEEN THE FRAME AND THE SEAT i ( Dam wife and her cap locks) will make you one custom. The total with US shipping will be $20.00. If you need refernces we can hook that up. If you want to call I believe we have our contact info on the postings.
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