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Well, after many years of keeping this thing in my room, I am saddened to say I must get rid of my bike. I am asking $300, and not a penny less. I have a few extra parts (fenders) lying around that i will throw in with the bike.

I am in Miami. I am not trying to ship this thing because it will require dissassembly. Actually, if someone can point to South Florida specific lowrider forums, I'd appreciate it.

the egg drop mirrors were added on, and you can see lil red light by the seat for night riding

its got an upgraded chain steering wheel, and a free lock too

this is an official Lowrider bike

its also got a twisted fork

the picture isnt that great but it says Lowrider on the fender

also got a velour cover for the steering wheel

this bitch is rolling on 20's nikkuh!
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