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Join the Car Club Challenge from and win free advertising for your lowrider clubs car shows. launches a new contest. The Car Club Challenge!
Promote your links from our contest on Twitter, Facebook or an email and on your website and earn points.

You could win the following prizes for your car club:

1st Place: 1 Year of free car show advertising for your car club plus front page advertising for 1 year of all
your car shows. will name your car club the top club for 2011 and your car
club logo is placed on every page on our website.

2nd Place: 1 Year of free car show advertising for your club in your state and by the month.

3rd Place: 3 Car shows advertised for free for your car club in your state and by the month.

The contest ends: May 31, 2010 @ 9:08 pm

You can check your standings any time you would like.

To join the contest use this link: and log in with your Twitter or Facebook name and get your links.

Once you get your links have your club members click them to earn points and at the end of the contest the club with the top points will win.

Also make sure you check out our website for car shows around the United States!

You can also enter your car show for only $5.00 which includes several press releases for your car show plus an entry on our website.

Thank you.
Mike Linner CEO
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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