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Hello there vatos, here i have a nice working guaranteed Lowrider Hydraulics ready to be installed..

kit consist :

2 Chrome pumps with 2 delta dumps and new return hoses one is prohopper the other is a 'Loe Joes' great working condition!

2 front 6 inch cylinders new seals (painted red) with fittings
2 1/2 TON pre cut and welded cups coils (painted white)
2 front hoses
2 rear hoses
1 clear see thru 10 hole switch box
1 10 switch plate box-pre wired
1 quick disconect
10 battery cables with copper ends
10 new in bag accumax solenoids
2 solenoid blocks with wire connectors
all wiring nesessary
6 31 series econo batteries pushing 850 cold cranking amps-all good batts

1 custom made battery that needs to be welded and put together all custome for 3 pumps and has bar to weld a wire wheel adapter to fit a wire wheel for show looks

pics for battery rack are too big, wont let me resize them dont know why, text or call and i can send pics...thanks! Great steel battery rack!

$1300 firm call or text...if you dont have the money dont tex or call unless you low ballers...

batteries and battery rack alone is over $800 loosing as is...

918-808-6229 Cell # Danny
Arlington TX Area

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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