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Alright I am puttin this up here to see what i could get for it and it makes no diff to me if it sells or not....

-84 cadillac sedan deville
-Midnight metallic blue paint with blue flake over top
-Blue leather interior
-Setup for a small block chevy engine
-No hydraulics but is cut for them
-No rims..just stocks
-Chrome upper control arms
-Chrome hood hinges
-brand new windsheild

so ya i am just lookin to see how much this car would be post up what ya think its worth


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Originally posted by KTownSwangin@Sep 6 2005, 10:17 AM~3761539
pick a part will give you 100-125 for it so ill start the bidding at 150 :biggrin:

i'll go 200 then :biggrin:

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Just sold my 84 candied,flaked,and 2 pump pro comp for $5500 CDN.Nice car you got there.
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