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If you want to lock the rear of the car in order to do some massive hopping try the knot technique. I think you can use 130's for that trick on 6V you also need dental floss line use 4 to 6 lines bundled together for extra tear strenght it should last for quite a while.

Instead of letting the lines wind around the motors shaft make it stick out at the outside of the collar. What will happen is that when you hit the switch the motor starts to spin and it winds tiny knots in the line making it shorter and lifting the modelcar and finally locks it. Try it I'm almost certain it will work on diecast cars to.
Your still be able to make the car dance but you will have to get used to flicking the switches back and forth because the cars lifts and locks when the motor runs back and forth. Also give the lines some slack aprox. 1.5cm.

Finally check my small video clip:The way of the knot.
Check this flick a couple of times to see how it works.
Enjoy and good luck!!

The way of the Knot
You need Real player installed to view this video.
1 - 7 of 81 Posts
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