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Hey so i decided to just thin out my collection, so im selling some of my cars. 10 are new and sealed and the other 8 are open and some are complete but others are missing some parts. Please ask any and all questions

(2) Cadillac Donk New sealed $20 each Shipped
(2) 1963 Chevy Impala Donk new sealed $20 each Shipped
(4) 1966 Chevelle Station Wagon new sealed $18 each Shipped
(2) Uptown 300C new sealed $18 each Shipped
(1) 1997 Chevy Corvette Coupe $15 open but complete $15 shipped
(1)1940 Ford Street Rod open but complete $15 shipped
(2) 1/20 scale Chevy Blazer open both kits have a few loose parts but seem complete $17 shipped

(1) 1/20 scale Chevy Blazer open kit has some loose parts but seems complete and has a crack on the tailgate but its small. $15 shipped

(2)1/20 scale Chevy Blazer open and seem complete BUT one kit has a broken tailgate, it can be fixed and the other kit looks like someone took a power sander to it. $8 PLUS SHIPPING

(1) 1/20 scale Chevy Camaro Highway Patrol car missing parts, a pillar has a crack $make offer.

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