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makeing a lowrider

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hello, im an norwegian guy, that wanna make an lowrider, and i have never seen really how you make a lowrider, and what you need to lowrider, but i am an car mechanic, so i wondered if any one could tell me some where i can get some pointers, if you know any site where it shows how one or more persons, made an low rider from scratch or if anyone could tell me how to make one, i would really appreciate it...

regards Bjorn
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LRM put out a book, How to Build a Lowrider. That might help.
that book is pretty well known, we can get copies of it in australia. so i assume u can get it in europe.
Thats a good book and to learn about the HYDRAULICS PART OF IT - check out The Science of Hydraulic Suspension

Available all over europe - call 1-888-280-7715


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You can also get lots of help from the homies here. You can browse the forums and ask questions. Ignore the dumbasses and someone will give you good help. Def get the Science of Hydraulics book too.
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