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Setup: 2 pumps (Whammy pump), 4 dumps, 4 batt.s

Symptoms: The car doesn't lift.
This happened while leaving a car meet. I hit the switches few times to raise the car and after that I only heard the motor spinning. When I got home, I lowered the car with no problems.

I checked the followings:
- Oil level was ok​
- Batteries were charged​
- Spline Keys were fine​
- Pump heads were strongly bolted to the block (Not sure if properly torqued to 27 lbs-ft)​
- Pump head seal to block was fine​
- All pump head internal O-rings (Heart shaped) were fine​

This happened to the front and rear at the same time, so I thought there was a low chance that the 4 dumps would stuck open all at once.

Here are few pictures of inside the pump head. As you can see, there are contact marks which I believe are normal. However, the bearing carriers have scoring marks at the frontal area (not sure if this is ok).

What do you think could cause this issue?


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