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zack ratcliff from universal air answered me this :
The bag will come apart around 400, we recommend below 200. The concern will the triple convoluted bags are not as stable as the double convoluted bags are. So, if you put too much weight on them, they will kick the center out. From what I can see, the car should weigh about 3300 lbs. So, if its 60% front weight bias, there should be about 660 lbs per air spring for the back, which shouldn’t be too much. My next concern is going to be the amount of angle & misalignment we are going to have. Because the rear will stroke 11.75” assuming the shocks allow it. The axle will move quite a bit with the panhard/short link bars. I would suggest to cycle the suspension with the springs remove and see how much travel your able to achieve out of the rear. I think our double play bags would be better suited to your application because they will stroke 8” and are a lot more stable.
my car is a 89 volvo 740....
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