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i have a mazda that i'm getting ready for next years show season. the setup that i have right now consists of three pumps and six batteries. i'm making it into a single pump hopper. i've got a full stack of 2 1/2 tons up front. i'd like to add at least two more batteries so i can put 96v to the nose but that will probably be late next summer when i add another six batteries.

setup questions:
1. port size for the block and size of the gear? will a 1" port be too big with a #9 gear at 72v?
2. hose size? #8 is what i'm planning on but is that best?

reinforcement questions
1.what are the spots that must be reinforced on the truck?
2. doing three sides, how thick should the metal be? 1/4 too thin? 3/8 too thick?

i know that a full wrap would be the ideal type of reinforcement but i'm doing this on a budget.

thanks for the help.....
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