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Monte Carlo parts FS

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New driverside LS fender $150.00

Doors off of a 87SS (same part # as LS doors). No rust in lower corners (sorry no pics). Power windows, power locks, and glass included. $250.00 for the pair (local pick up only).

Passenger door does have a dent under the mirror mount, but not thru the body line

and I have a pair of 78-80 (maybe thru 81) g-body seats. I believe they are out of a Cutlass. $120.00 for the pair.

no tears, the back of the seat does have scratches, and the passenger seat is in the same condition.
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Originally posted by 87ls@Jan 17 2009, 09:01 AM~12731445
why all the good parts so far away  :(
dont know tell me why every time it there is a good deal there like 1000 ft away lol
what u doin supersport88 i might have to talk to u about them ss doors my girls brother got a ss an im thinkin of redoin it when he in jail he aint gettin out soon so i been thinkin of fixing it for him
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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