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here it is...

OK... I know there is white spots everywhere. Well it's from when I got my welder I was just messing around welding some stuff and then I didn't have any flat black spraypaint and all I had was white. AND... My car overheated the other day and thats what the other bullshit is all over the frame and A-Arm. Ohh yeh... I fixed it today right before I had to be at work and I made it up there and drove the cutty and was only 5 mins late. I just finished cutting it so that I could place it to weld it because I didnt have a torch to heat it up to bend it back and I found out that I wasn't strong enough to do it by hand. I just did a quick fix to get it to work today so I am going to get some stocks and extend them at the ears and reinforce them like a champ.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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