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MTX 12" 8000 Subs and 81000D Amp.

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i still havent hooked it up yet for my car is in the shop right now getting air ride installed. do you guys think it'll sound good, ok?

what do you think of them individually?

the subs are going to be hooked up at 2 ohm i believe (friend hooked em up). they're going to be in a 3/4" partical board sealed box, with about 1.5 cubic feet per speaker.

i dont know much about stereo systems, but i think he said he bridged the speakers, and either there is a board seperating the two speakers within the box and it has a hole in it so the air can flow in between them, or there is no board at all.

oh and im going to be running 0/1 power and ground cable.

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make that box out of MDF wood not particle board :cool:
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